Rules of the center



Welcome to our friendly family!
Our Center sets as its main task the development in the Child of the skills of Leader, Businessman, Creative genius.
These rules are designed primarily for the comfortable stay of you and your children in the Center. Anyone wishing to use the services of the Center is obliged to follow the internal rules of being in the Center, the instructions of the staff, to observe the established prohibitions and restrictions.
Parents get acquainted with the rules and accept them. In case of non-acceptance of these rules, the Center can not provide services to Parents. The services are provided exclusively within the limits of these Rules.
Rules can be changed by the Center unilaterally by approving a new version. For Parents who use the services prior to the enactment of the new version of the Rules, the Rules shall apply in the new approved version.

Future Education Center 3/7 (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) is the name of the children’s development and leisure center, which is part of the Future Education Center 3/7 International Franchise Network and uses in its activity the author’s methods of teaching, educating and organizing the leisure of the Child and Parents.
The Center’s rules are the rules for visiting the Center, which regulate activities between the Parents and the Center and are freely available on the Center’s website and in the Customer’s Corner; are mandatory for execution (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”).
The administration of the Center is authorized representatives of the Center, working on an ongoing basis to ensure children’s leisure.
A coach is a specialist, an employee of the Center who performs educational and educational function, organizes leisure, conducts classes and talks with the Child and Parents. The coach does the work on behalf of the Administration of the Center.
Parents (one of the parents or persons substituting them) is a person who has expressed the desire to use the service of the organization of children’s leisure and who used it for her Child.
A child (Children) is a minor or minor person whose parents have booked and used the service of the Center.
The visit log of the center is a log of the arrival and departure of the Child in the Center.
Diagnosis is the conduct of a special assessment of the abilities and talents of the Child before starting the training.

1.1. Taking into account the age and interests of the Children, the Center creates groups of services for the organization of children’s leisure activities; Filling of three age categories: from 3 to 7 years, from 7 to 14 years, from 14 to 17 years, determined in accordance with these Regulations, the Center’s agreements.
The Center provides, in particular, services for conducting training programs for Parents (which are held separately or together with the Child).
1.2. The main activities of the Administration of the Center for Security in the Center are:
– safety engineering;
– Fire safety;
– antiterrorist security;
– Ensuring compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements;
– Observance of the norms and rules of labor protection.
1.3. In the Center there are and are maintained in a state of constant readiness primary fire extinguishing means: powder fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, an automatic fire extinguishing system is installed. Fire safety requirements for the maintenance of territory, premises, evacuation exits are observed. The main goal of labor safety in the Center is to create and ensure healthy and safe working conditions, to preserve the life and health of the employees and visitors of the Center for the organization of proper children’s leisure.
1.4. Admission of Children to the Center (in case of passing the Individual Program) is carried out on the basis of signing the Agreements with the Parents, filling in the form (registration form) with the Child (filled in by the Parents) and with the following applications:
A) copies of documents on the Child: birth certificate, identification code (if any) with the presentation of originals;
B) copies of the documents of the representatives of the Child (Parents or substitutes thereof): the passport of the citizen, the identification code with the presentation of the originals;
B) the registration form;
D) the medical certificate of the Child together with vaccinations (in the case of absence of vaccinations – a certificate of the VKK on the possibility of visiting the educational institution by the Child).
In the absence of a full package of documents or a part thereof, the Administration of the Center has the right to refuse acceptance of the Child for a visit to the Center.
1.5. The child can come to the Center (in case of passing the Individual Program) or leave it only accompanied by the persons indicated in the registration form.
1.6. If the child finds foreign objects that may pose a danger to others, the Administration of the Center / Coach has the right to withdraw from the Child such items for their subsequent transfer to the Parents of the Child. The items taken from the Child are given out by the Coach to the Parents at their request.
1.7. Parents pay for services in accordance with the approved price list. Payment is made in a non-cash form to the account of the Center or through the cash desk of the Center. Payouts Protection Status
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