10 types of man book

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The knowledge described in this book will help you save the most valuable thing you have – time of your life and time of your youth. Do not waste it on those who do not deserve it. Choose only the best!

After gaining knowledge about the types of men, you will see more than any fortune-teller or a psychologist.
You will understand how to build a strategy for your relationship – how to distinguish a fake that is demonstrated from reality that is true.

You will understand who you choose long before the serious relationships start: what friend, lover, husband, and father of your children he will be.

Choose the book Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Three, and Six

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It does not make any sense any more in the modern world to spend your life in checking. It is also aimless to cherish hopes or rush to an unknown side in search for the unclear one.

Quite possible, supreme forces have already given you those who will make you really happy, but you just do not notice them in your circle and try to find happiness in the wrong place.

In general, girls of all ages, this book is for you!

It is your bible in the search for a partner. It is your guide to family life. It is your coach in bringing up children.


Taking this book, a man may say, “It is for women only. Why do I need it?”

In the matter of fact, dear man, this book will be useful for you too.

Try to recognize yourselves and your talents in it – and you will be more confident about what you had thought you had, but was not sure.

You can also learn about your business partners and co-workers. You will understand why your relationship with people goes in certain way.

You will also understand who you should choose to be your partner or friend, who you can trust, and who you cannot. You will be able to assess the degree of competence and reliability, because it is the inner human world that determines his/her real character and behaviour.

So here you will gain a lot of useful information about yourself and your circle.

Enjoy reading these books!