Individual one-year support

We will help your child to become successful and implement the skills that the child has a predisposition for.


Individual one-year training makes it possible to build a strategy for developing the child's unique abilities – to open up the individual potential and learn how to monetize it; to remove negative habits and transform weaknesses of the character; to develop discipline, respect and trust; to expand the memory and attention span.

The training is aimed at increasing levels of the quotients (VQ, EQ, IQ), forming necessary habits, developing skills and qualities at the levels of VQ, EQ, IQ. These abilities will create the foundation for a successful and happy future.

Diagnostics of inner potential of a child

Working process

Individual support of a coach


Type of thinking

Family relationships

Personal performance rate


Individual development pathway



Emotional intelligence

Individual thinking


Individual support of a coach

OUR INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM gives you an opportunity to:

Develop outside-the-box thinking and ability to make decisions in the conditions of uncertainty.

Develop morals and emotional resistance to stress.

Develop quickness, ability to study quickly and learn from own mistakes.

Intensify the inner potential of individual thinking and develop a habit of relying on yourself

Change the character and behavioral characteristics

Launch your own startup

Our coaches

Olha Rudkovska

Certified coach

Viktoria Lyamets

Certified coach and trainer

Reviews of our dear customers

All the knowledges are of great importance! Being a mother, I always try to teach my daughter something good, but without knowledge of methods and technologies, I have tried and, of course, made mistakes. It was important for me to hear about the individuality of my child from professionals and to understand what she really needed! The specific positive and negative points were picked out. Now I can clearly see what is prior and what we should aim for.

Julia Prikhodko


Registration for the course ' Individual annual maintenance'

Proprietary methods for development of a child’s individual thinking and the disclosure of his natural charisma and genius

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