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This diagnostic allows to determine the inborn type of thinking that is given to your child from nature.

The diagnostics include:
  • Child’s thinking type
  • His character strengths
  • Talents and his individual disposition to certain types of activities
  • Character traits that hinder development of his personality
Diagnostics consists of the following stages:

Children and parents are being tested and work with the coach. (1 hour).


Both parents are invited and the results of diagnostics and recommendations for communicating with a child are being discussed. (30 minutes).

Customer Testimonials Who have already used the services of our company.

The fate brought me to Victoria Liamets, an expert of the Future Education Center 3/7. The center carries out a diagnostics of a child’s thinking type and makes recommendations on development of the potential of inner capabilities.
I attended a consultation with my daughter Arina.
And that’s how it happens: you attend a consultation with your child, while he is playing and drawing with the coach, you communicate with a consultant, talk with him about your child and fill in the questionnaire. Then you are invited to another meeting to find out about your child’s type of thinking and get recommendations on how to use this knowledge, including the deternination of a future professions that may be suitable for your child.
The methods are based on the knowledge of the Enneagram, which represents 10 personality types, built on observations of human behavior. Each enneatype has its own type of thinking, a certain personality structure, which determines human behavior.
1 enneatype - critical thinking;
2 enneatype - variative thinking;
3 enneatype - imaginative thinking;
4 enneatype - creative thinking;
5 enneatype - analytical thinking;
6 enneatype - logical thinking;
7 enneatype - panoramic thinking;
8 enneatype - strategic thinking;
9 enneatype - abstract thinking;
10 enneatype - existential thinking.
Victoria determined, that Arina had logical thinking. And then I began to understand strange and, in my opinion, incomprehensible reactions of my daughters. I understood the reason why she had a peevish expression when we changed our plans a bit. People of her type don’t like improvisation. That was also the reasons of her tears when we visited a doctor or found ourselves in some new place. She needs explanation of almost everything. Hearing a note of anxiety in my voice, Arina may become hysterical and turn an insignificant problem to the apocalypse. I saw the reason why she was always nervous about being late on her way to school. She is naturally disciplined.
She needs to be shown that the mind prevails over emotions, it is necessary to demonstrate more logical conclusions, think out loud and form the habit of thinking everything over step by step, so that she is able to build her own logical chains.
People of her type of thinking may become good cyber researcher, internet lawyer, a specialist in dealing with eco-accidents, intellectual property broker, manager of information security. So it goes…
And I am the 9th type and I have an abstract type of thinking.
People of my type almost never get into conflicts and don't fight their concern. We are more likely to understand what we don’t want or don’t agree with, and it is extremely difficult for us to decide what we want or consider to be right.
Women with abstract type are like regular spectators in a theater. The whole world is a stage for them and they observe a performance, they perceive it, capture its general meaning, but do not participate in it personally. A person of this type is able to abstract his mind from any problem and consider how to solve it.
Knowledge of enneatypes is already being used by headhunters and teachers.

Anna Pechernaya

Being a mother, I always try to teach my daughter something good, but without knowledge of methods and technologies, I have tried and, of course, made mistakes. It was important for me to hear about the individuality of my child from professionals and to understand what she really needed! The specific positive and negative points were picked out. Now I can clearly see what is prior and what we should aim for.

Julia Prikhodko

Thanks to the diagnostics that Victoria had made for my child, she was able to determine his enneatype, regardless of an early age (18m). Victoria helped to identify the qualities that are worth paying attention to. Now we are able to build a strategy for developing such qualities as will and gratitude.
A professional coach both understands the type of thinking of a child and also feels and helps to develop a child’s inborn personality.

Maria Akimenko

The knowledge of thinking type helps to communicate with. We apply it as a tool (instruction). It is easier to come to an agreement with them, channel their energy in the right direction and settle conflicts.

Ekaterina Shevliakova
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What is the Diagnostics of the Child's Internal Potential?
Each child can become a genius and splash out in this beautiful world its unique flavor. But children are born with different initial inclinations.
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