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This diagnostic allows to determine if your child is using his potential to its full extent. It gives a keen perception of a child, a detailed map of his inner world. It also shows his strengths and habits in each of the IQ, EQ, VQ rates and determines which of them should be developed. Understanding of this points will help you to actualize natural talents and grow a happy and self-sufficient person.

The diagnostics include:
  • IQ level. The ability to use your own outside-the-box type of thinking.
  • EQ level. Emotional intelligence. Creativity, happiness, stressresistance, empathy.
  • VQ level. Will, leadership and charisma.
Diagnostics consists of the following stages:

Children and parents are being tested and work with the coach. (2 hours).


Both parents are invited and the results of diagnostics and recommendations for efficient and harmonious development of a child are being discussed. (30 minutes).

Customer Testimonials Who have already used the services of our company.

Sophia started studying at the center of 3/7, when she was 2 years and seven months old, we went on the Upgrade-tour for children. At that period of time my daughter behaved disobediently, manipulated and burst into tears every time she demanded something. It was impossible to go anywhere out with her, she always acted out and did not want to come to an agreement. The specialists of the center found a proper method to show Sophia that her mother is an important person in her life, who doesn’t have to humoru her fancy. Now Sofia is four years old. The
desire to take the lead, the good example and learning games make her build leadership qualities of a reasonable manager who will understand what it means to rule a team and take responsibility. She often says to me: "Mom, I did what I
promised you."

It’s a usual thing for her. She knows that if she made a promised, then she must
keep to it, this is fair. As for myself, I have aquired a completely new way of
talking to my daughter, a new way of how I can support her in order to develop her
finest qualities.

Daria Smagina

When my children were born, I started to wonder how to bring up a child properly, so that children grow up happy, successful and healthy.
I got into self-development, read a lot of information on that subject, got a degree in pedagogics, investigated into this matter according to my professional occupation ....
The received knowledge seemed to be separated fragments of a puzzle, I couldn’t see a full picture. Expertness of the FEC 3/7 is a complete methodology that has been tested for 20 years with an individual approach to each child. Determination of the way of thinking, strengths and weaknesses of the character, talents gives parents the
answers to many questions related with their child’s coprehension and education. This is a genuinely innovative approach to the matter of parenting! Having become an expert of the 3/7 center I opened a new chapter of my professional development.

Yulia Dyachenko
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What is the Diagnostics of the Child's Internal Potential?
Each child can become a genius and splash out in this beautiful world its unique flavor. But children are born with different initial inclinations.
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