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This diagnostics of inner potential allows to determine the inborn type of thinking of a child, strengths and weaknesses of his character, his competitive advantages and talents which he had since he was born. As a result of the diagnostics, you will be able to understand which talents of your child should be developed and how to get ahead in it. Recommended for children at the age of 3 years and older.

The diagnostics include:
  • Determination of a child’s thinking type (critical, variative, imaginative, creative,
    analytical, logical, systematic, strategic, abstract, existential types of thinking)
  • The advantages of his character
  • Talents of a child and his individual dispositions
  • Character weaknesses
  • Character traits that hinder the development of a child’s personality
  • VQ-EQ-IQ rate
  • Leadership (VQ Diagnostics)
  • Creativity and happiness (Diagnosis EQ)
  • Genius (IQ Diagnostics)
  • Relationship between a child and parents (advantages and disadvantages)
  • Recommendations on strategy of child’s personality development according to
    goals and tasks identified by parents
Diagnostics consists of the following stages:

Both children and parents work individually with the coach. (2 hours).


Both parents are invited and the results of diagnostics and recommendations for communicating with the child are being discussed. Moreover, the
recommendations on ineraction harmonization in a family for successful
development of a child are being given during a meeting (30 minutes).

Customer Testimonials Who have already used the services of our company.

The more my son grew older, the more I started toface a lot of difficulties in his upbringing. He was a very incomprehensible and unusual child, there was a feeling that we had lived in completely different worlds. It was only after I the diagnostics of my child that I became aware of the number of my mistakes and misunderstandings. His qualities, that I considered to be negative, turned out to be his specific character traits and he looked at the situation from a completely different angle and it not bad at all! I would like to recommend parents to try the Diagnostics and get acquainted with their real and genious children !!!

Oksana Odokienko
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What is the Diagnostics of the Child's Internal Potential?
Each child can become a genius and splash out in this beautiful world its unique flavor. But children are born with different initial inclinations.
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