Diagnostics of Family relationship

Book the diagnostics for your child with a professional coach for the next available dates


Technologies of the Future Education Center allow you to:

  • identify the reasons that destroy trust and constructive interaction between parents and children;
  • build efficient communication in the family and speak a common language with your child;
  • restore connection with a child and make him hear you.

What will you get as a result?

With the help of the results of diagnostics, you gain an understanding of the peculiarities and differences in the perception of information of all family members, as well as understanding of the reasons why your child does not hear you.

You will receive specific 'voice modules' for constructive communication with a child, based on his type of thinking. As a result, it will be easier for you to come to an agreement with your child, ask for help and interact with him.

Customer Testimonials

Who have already used the services of our company.

I want to thank Victoria for helping me to solve a problem with my children. I've learned so much new about them, I found an approach to them by determination of their enneatypes. I was able to see how important it is and that my attitude towards them had been wrong before. Now I know how to build relationship and speak a common language with them).
I am grateful that I've met this wonderful person and received all the answers to my questions).
Thank you very much for being with us, Victoria!

Alena Shipovich

It was very important for me to determine key points in communication with my child and get step-by-step recommendations on what qualities should be developed and paid attention to. I usually see it as a general picture and can’t tell apart what is bad and what is good. It was a great discovery for me, that such a weakness in the type of thinking of my child, as susceptibility, can be transformed. The power of emotions may be redirected to the development of intuition. That’s how it is! I used to think that one may only fight it.

Marina Zinchenko

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