How to come to agreement with a child without suppressing his individuality

14 апреля 2018
Записаться на мастер-класс

This training is a great opportunity to understand the reasons of a child’s behavior! Learn about his individual potential and unique features that he possesses from the day of his birth, which you may not have noticed. You will understand why your child acts EXACTLY THIS WAY and what you should do with it. You will find out about different types of thinking, forms of behavior and the specifics of perception of different children.


  • What is the reason of misunderstandings between you and your child?
  • How to come to agreement with your child?
  • What is the main thing in communication with your child?
  • How to influence the development of the character of your child?
  • How to keep the trust and friendship with your child?
  • How to become a calm and happy parent?


How not to suppress the INDIVIDUALITY of your child and learn to come to AGREEMENT without quarrels?

With the help of this training you will get a unique opportunity to pass the TEST TO DETERMINE THE TYPE OF THINKING and find out which inborn talent your child has (the determination of the type can be performed only for children over the age of 3 years)

Using the knowledge, gained at the training, you will be able to improve mutual understanding in your family. All the tensions will be defused, conflicts will disappear and be replaced by harmony, trust and joy. Using our innovative methods in raising children is a secure way to give children confidence in themselves, a positive attitide to life and individual fulfillment.

This training will be of great interest for parents, regardless of the age of their children. The methods of studying used in the program will help to achieve positive results in communication not only with children, but also with people of any age and status (husbands, colleagues, chiefs, etc.).

Type of work: mini-lecture, practical classes, tests, discussions.


‘My name is Victoria Liamets. I am the owner of a franchise and the head of the Center for Innovative Development of a Child ‘Future Education Center 3/7’ in Kiev. I am a mother of two children (8 and 11 years old) and I know how important it is to raise a grateful child who can fulfill himself and his individual talents. ” Expert, Ennea-Coach in the development of individual thinking, emotional intelligence and family relationships.’

Venue: Hotel “Uzhgorod”. Conference hall, 1st floor.

Time: 15:00 – 18:00

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