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Whom is our franchise for


You searched for an alternative education for your child, but did not find worthy options and decided to open your own center.


You are an owner of a private school, an elite lyceum and want to increase the profitability of your business.


You have a large company, and there is an opportunity to open a development center for the children of your employees.


You are an entrepreneur, a child psychologist or a teacher, who wants to work for oneself and open a profitable business.


You are an owner of an elite settlement or a cottage-type country housing complex and want to open a private school for tenants.


You are a developer of elite real estate and want to open a development center for children from wealthy families in a newly-built house.

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Future Education Center 3/7

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The franchise Future Education Center 3/7 is a fully packaged business

We cover all organizational, legal and marketing issues.
All you can do is to earn money.

Legal registration of the business

  • Contract of commercial concession
  • License agreement
  • Staff agreements
  • Contract with clients of the Center

Marketing materials

  • An individual website for the Franchisee region.
  • Creation of a branded page in social networks.
  • Photo and video materials for promotion.
  • Placement of information about the franchisee on the corporate website.
  • Regular updates of promotional material templates.

Support during the launch stage

  • Brand training and certification of a coach, internship and adaptation.
  • Sales training of franchise owners.
  • Provision of a brand-book and corporate style templates.
  • Provision of a design for 70 sq.m project.
  • Selection criteria, audit and approval of the location for the Franchisee’s center.
  • Recommendations for decor elements, equipment and materials.
  • Joint development of a marketing plan.
  • Provision of promotional materials.
  • Assignment of an individual manager for the prompt resolution of issues.

Support during the business operation stage

  • Regular support of the Franchisee’s coach (two Skype-consultations a month).
  • Scheduled training of the coach, once or twice a year.
  • Analysis of the diagnostics of the Franchisee’s clients and preparation of individual training programs.
  • Consultation on key aspects of business and operational management.
  • Visits by representatives of the Franchisor to the center to monitor the compliance with operating standards.
  • Monitoring of economic and financial indicators in the business process.

What is necessary for the START?

Key personnel:

  • Coach – 1 person.
  • Development Manager – 1 person.

A franchise owner can perform any of these roles or delegate.


  • Total area – 70 sq. m: hall + reception (possible minimum: rented hall – 25 sq. m).

Special equipment:

  • Video surveillance in the hall for 2 cameras, with sound recording and the ability to store files.

You will obtain:

Franchise package – a guide to the organization and management of business, which includes a description of business processes, a full set of instructions, recommendations and tools for effective business management:

  • Manual on the concept.
  • Manual on the opening.
  • Manual on the staff and service.
  • Manual on the marketing.
  • Manual on the networking.

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We have gathered specialists who are tested both by time and professionalism,
to introduce to the market a quality product with the best service.

Viktoria Lyamets

Franchise Owner, Kiev

Olesya Vedernikova

Franchise Owner, Novosibirsk

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The right to open the Future Education Center 3/7.

Price: 48000€


The right to open new Future Education Centers 3/7 in your region.

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Customer Testimonials

Who have already used the products of our company.

My children were born talented. I was always sure of this and, like any mother, I couldn't see s single flaw in my children. But at the same time, I was honest enough to myself: I did not understand how to develop their unique potential and talents. To my luck, I found out about the methods of the Future Education Center 3/7 when my children were still at an early age. And the results surpassed all my greatest expectations! Having gained knowledge on types of thinking of our children, we, as being parents, began to support their talents and help to develop their natural genius. The children have changed their attitude. Excessive emotionality of the daughter became a benefit for development of her creativity.As for our son, he has already mastered complex design skills at the age of 8 and wants to launch his startup.

Виктория Лямец

Обучение в Центре 3/7 раскрыло в моей дочке множество спящих талантов и стремлений. Она стала танцевать, рисовать, петь и, что очень важно, в ней проснулось желание преподавать. Но главное — она узнала себя, свой тип мышления, свои ресурсные эмоции и линии поведения. Это позволяет ей теперь выстраивать свою жизнь самостоятельно и более осознанно. В ходе обучения моя дочь получила очень высокие результаты и позитивные изменения. Я на практике убедилась в высокой эффективности методов. И теперь мы продолжаем наше развитие уже как партнеры центра 3/7.

Наталья Мамакина

Frequent franchise questions

What are the requirements for the location of the Center and the premises?

    • An elite area of ​​the city, a residential area, city center or an area close to the city center. It is also possible to open a franchise in a cottage-type country housing complex.
    • Easy access to the center: it is desirable that the premises are located on the first line of the street, a building facade.
    • Availability of parking places in front of the entrance.
    • Appearance of the entrance should be aesthetically pleasing and clean.
    • Access to the building (roads) should be lit in the evenings and regularly cleared of rubbish.
    • Nice view from the window.
    • No industrial enterprises, markets, game arcades and other noisy or unpleasant establishments and places nearby.

    It is advisable to have your own premises or premises in a long-term lease, where you are the only tenant.

    The total area of ​​the recommended premises is 70 sq. m: hall for individual sessions and group trainings – 27 sq.m, reception and waiting area – 27 sq.m.

    To start the business, a minimum is possible: a leased elite hall – 25 sq.m.

Do I need a license for the Center's activities?

Different countries have different legislation. As for Ukraine, a license for non-school education is not needed; this is confirmed by this letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In which regions is the franchise development planned in 2017?

The Franchiser Center operates in Kyiv, Ukraine.

There is an on-going adaptation process for Cyprus, Israel, Germany and Russia.

How quickly can this business be launched?

On average, it takes 1-2 months.

How many children can be trained in one center?

The optimal number of children is 5-8 persons per coach.

What are the competitive advantages of this business?

  1. A total of 8 children on a one-year basis allow you to recoup the business from the first payments.
  2. The unique set of sought-after services.

Future Education Center 3/7 is the only system in the world that provides a comprehensive multilevel diagnostics of the character traits, individual abilities and developmental possibilities in this life stage. The diagnostics is to be given by the Franchisor; your task is to find clients.

The Franchisor draws up an individual strategic development program for a year.

Your coach performs an individual one-year support up to the result.

  1. Regular support of the Franchisor – both during the launch stage and during the business operation stage.
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