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Innovative methods of development

The products of the Future Education Center are based on the author’s own methods for diagnostics and developing a child’s inborn potential. These methods were developed by Israeli researchers in the field of enneatypology and emotional intelligence.

The techniques are certified by the International Enneagram Association IEA and
registered in the Library of Congress.

Analysis of the current situation - Diagnostics of the inner potential of the child


Diagnostics of thinking type

It allows you to determine the inborn way of thinking that is given to your child from nature.
You will be able to understand your child, the way of his or her thinking and why a particular reaction was caused.
It helps a child to enhance the potential and to become a harmonious personality.


Diagnostics of the personal performance rate

Diagnostics allows you to determine the rate of the IQ score - thinking, EQ score- emotional intelligence, resistance to stress and creativity, VQ score - charisma and leadership


Diagnostics of Family relationship

This diagnostics allows to define the reasons that destroy trust and constructive interaction between parents and children.
It helps to build effective communication in the family and to master the language that your child speaks.


Development goals defining and creation of an individual training program


Combination of the diagnostic’s results with the development programs of the Future Education Center 3/7

We create an individual pathway of development for a child, based on his or her natural abilities.
The program includes:
Diagnostic’s results.
Defining the lack of skills and character traits.
Creation of an individual development pathway.
Development and training - Annual maintenance.

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Victoria Liamets

Certified Coach

Maxim Golovko, Odessa

Certified Coach

Anastasia Golovko, Odessa

Certified Coach

Olesya Vedernikova, Krasnodar

Certified Coach

Olga Kokonina, Krasnodar

Certified Coach

Julia Dyachenko, Odessa

Certified Expert

Tatyana Nefedova, Kiev

Certified Expert

Victoria Sereda, Kiev

Certified Coach

Alina Korzyukova, Germany

Certified Expert

Nelly Zharikova, Odessa

Certified Expert

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